Precision Window Films offers multiple films to choose from to enhance your driving comfort and customize the appearance of your automobile. Currently, we offer Suntek, Solar Gard, and 3M window films and they all have unique differences. We have spent many years trying to make sure that we can offer our customers the best product depending on the individual’s specific needs.

We currently work with many automotive dealerships within the Tampa Bay area. Not only do we provide our clients and dealerships with great service, but we also make sure that we have the most updated knowledge as the automotive industry is consistently changing.

Window films have evolved over the years and have become much more efficient today. We offer everything from Standard Carbon-Based Films, Nano-Hybrid Ceramic Films, and 3M Crystalline (which blocks 97% of IR heat).

• Our Standard Carbon Base Films block 38% of Solar Energy, while not interfering with cell phones, navigations, or radios within the newer vehicles. Carbon based dyed films are offered in many different shades from 5% (being the darkest) to 55% (being the lightest). These films have “black” appearance and will not fade. These films offer 99% UV protection.

• Our Nano-Hybrid Ceramic Films block 52% of Solar Energy, while not interfering with cell phones, navigations, or radios within the newer vehicles. These films are offered in an array of shades, like the carbon films, from 5% (being the darkest) to 80% (being the lightest). These films also offer the “black” appearance and block 99% of the UV rays. These films are used by people that really want to cut down on the heat inside the vehicle. The Nano-hybrid ceramic film come in many different shades from clear to limo black.

• Now, for our customers that require the “BEST” film on the market today, we offer 3M Crystalline Films. This film provides ultimate heat rejection by blocking 60% of Solar Energy and 97% of IR heat. It is our # 1 option when it comes to fully protect your vehicle and family from the harsh Florida sun.

What you can expect from us:

• All vehicles cared for in a professional manner

• All rear windows completed in one piece

• Micro-edging: the gap at the top of all door glass is less than 1/8”

• Installation is completed indoors within a climate controlled environment to avoid dust and debris during the installation process.

• A nationwide Manufacture’s lifetime warranty

• All vehicles are cleaned and wiped down after installation

• A transferable Warranty from the Manufacturer

Automotive Window Tinting.

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We have more than 13 years experience in the window film industry including working on commercial buildings, residential homes, and vehicles of all types. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work and provide the best quality service, THE FIRST TIME. We strive to build the best possible relationship with each and every one of our customers. You will find that we always go above and beyond what is expected to keep you loyal to us. 

*All Automotive Window Tinting is provided with a limited to lifetime warranty if the shade is within legal limits.

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